5 Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women (2024 Review) (2024)

If you don’t have time to read the entire review and just want to find out what Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women is, then we recommend the New Balance 990v3 as the best choice.

Did you know that walking just 30 minutes every day will improve your overall health significantly? It’s one of the best activities for people of all ages and fitness levels.

It makes your bones stronger and relieves pain in your muscles, but it also works wonders for managing depression and anxiety.

But having theright walking shoesis essential. If you’re trying to walk off some weight, comfortable walking shoes are your new best friend.

This article will review five best walking shoes for obese women and assess what makes each pair great.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women. These are:

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Benefits of Comfortable Shoes for Walking

When you’re consciously trying to make an effort to walk more, there are a few things you’ll need. First, you need a good song playlist, of course.

Then you can either take a planned or spontaneous route. But what you need most of all are comfortable walking shoes? But why is that?

No Foot Pain

Walking is excellent for you, but are you really going to do it if your feet hurt all the time? Probably not. Good news. The best walking shoes won’t cause any damage to your feet. There won’t be any squeezing or pinching, or anything similar.

Improved Posture

The best kind of walking shoes will help you maintain your posture and walk properly. Your feet, knees, and hips will be in their natural position, which, overall, will make you stand taller. And staying more active helps your posture too.

Improved Circulation

Uncomfortable walking shoes will make your feet swell. And if you’re already struggling with obesity, this will ultimately cause more harm than good.

It’s vital that the best walking shoes for obese women promote good circulation and prevent the occurrence of edema and varicose veins.

Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women

Best Overall Walking Shoes for Obese Women: New Balance Women’s 990v3

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If you want an all-American walking shoe that comes in a variety of colors, but always provides the same comfort, these New Balance 990v3 might be just what you need. They’re made from 100% leather and mesh and have a stable rubber sole.

This model weighs slightly less than most New Balance shoes, which makes it just right – if you’re heavier, the last thing you need are heavy shoes.

Like many previous models, the 990v3 has a near-angular design, and a lot of cushioning that offers terrific support. The ABZORB foam, just underneath the foot, is an insole you can remove, which gives you so much shock absorption.

When it comes to breathability – a critical feature of any high-quality walking shoe – this pair has pretty good airflow.

That means there’ll be no overheating or annoying and painful blisters. Still, it’s best to avoid wearing them if the weather is too hot. In terms of style, it’s the classic New Balance look, and that’s why so many people love it.

Best of all, you can find these shoes in eight different colors. All you need is find the one that best fits the rest of your walking outfit … or just your personality.

What about that pain just under your heel? A link between obesity and plantar fasciitis is a well-known fact, and that could well be something that’s preventing you from walking.

Here’s the thing: The New Balance 990v3 is your ally in the fight against this ailment. The company has made an effort to design a shoe with so much stability and cushioning that makes all reservations about walking disappear.

Also, if you have wider feet and you’re worried that you won’t be able to put these shoes on, don’t worry.

They’re great for wide feet, and the traction is excellent during those long walks. In addition, they’ll support your ankles, which means you can stride without a worry.


  • Great for plantar fasciitis
  • Excellent breathability
  • Classic design
  • Great for wide feet


  • Not very durable

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Best Budget-Friendly Walking Shoes for Obese Women: Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneakers

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How do you feel about combining cute and comfortable? Because that’s exactly what you get with these adorable Skechers Loving Life sneakers. You’ll love your life even more when you put them on as the midsole cushioning makes you feel like you’ve stepped on a cloud.

In terms of comfort, that insole memory foam is a game-changer, and the No. 1 requirement of a walking shoe is to provide support and stability.

Your feet, ankles, knees, and hips will benefit from this kind of insole, which in turn will help you improve your posture and balance.

But one of the best things about this pair of stylish sneakers is that they come with a slip-on design. Now it’s never been so easy to put on and take off your walking shoes. And even though you don’t need shoelaces for them, they do come with colorful bungee laces that only add to the gorgeous design.

When it comes to construction, the Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life sneakers have a rubber dole and a flex groove outsole. Combined, these two features offer a lot of support and great grip.

Whilst made from 100% faux leather and mesh fabric, this doesn’t impair breathability. On the contrary, the sneakers offer great airflow, which means that walking in them for a long time won’t make your feet sweaty or swollen.

This pair is one of the best walking shoes for obese women because they feel so lightweight. In addition, they’re also are rated “E,” meaning they’re wider than average-sized walking shoes.

They’re also amazing for women who are on their feet all day, like nurses or sales attendants.

On top of everything, these walking shoes come with a great price tag. If you’re not looking to spend too much, but still want that sporty and elegant style for your walking shoe, this pair just might impress you.


  • Very Stylish
  • Memory foam insole
  • Affordable
  • Great for long walks


  • Become less comfortable over time

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Best Long-Distance Walking Shoes for Obese Women: Saucony Women’s Ride 7 Running Shoes

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Saucony is a company that takes pride in making shoes for runners. Their objective is to create a shoe that won’t slow you down but will give you all the support and cushioning you need.

But here’s the thing — their Ride 7 running shoes are also amazing for people who love walking and want a no-nonsense pair of sneakers. It’s always a good idea to go directly to the expert, and it’s Saucony’s priority to make comfortable and lightweight shoes.

In terms of design, you get five bold, amazing colors for women, if the style is pretty neutral otherwise. And that’s exactly what most people look for.

These are reasonably priced in terms of the quality they offer. Especially if you want to turn walking into a long-term activity. Unlike some walking andrunningshoes, this pair doesn’t have any issues with durability.

They have been built to last and to be there for you when you head out for a walk. And the vertical flex technology offers more flexibility in the front of the shoe, which means all those long walks will be comfortably supported. But what about breathability?

The upper mesh provides excellent airflow, to ensure that your feet stay cool. This means that you can wear them even when it’s quite hot outside. However, they’re not waterproof, and this might be a problem for some.

Still, the heel lining is designed not to let the moisture get in easily. So, unless you live in an area where it rains frequently, these will serve you just great. They’re a good choice for obese women who are not beginners when it comes to walking, and really need something that will feel light and supportive at the same time.


  • Great for long-distance walks
  • Great value
  • Very durable
  • Great flexibility


  • Not waterproof

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Best Everyday Walking Shoes for Obese Women: Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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Trying to form a new healthy habit can be difficult. But once you do, you can easily get addicted to it. The same goes with the Brook’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes.

If you already have a passion for walking, or if you’re trying to become more conscientious about it, these shoes can help you immensely.

Before diving into the specs and details, the first thing worth mentioning is that these shoes are a great option if you need something that will go with most of your clothing. Not just activewear.

They look great with jeans and slacks, but you can pair them with skirts and dresses too. That’s one of the reasons the price might seem high.

But when you take into consideration that they’re 100% humanmade and that feet of every width can wear them, it’s entirely justified. The uppers are made from leather, while the sole is of synthetic material.

The midsole, however, is made from biodegradable material. These shoes are slip-resistant, and offer a lot of secure and supportive fit. In terms of comfort, this is where they shine.

The BioMoGo DNA platform gives you so much soft cushioning, you’ll forget all about your back or knee pain. And in case you’re struggling with issues like sciatica, you’d benefit greatly with a pair of all-day walking shoes like these.

But are they lightweight? Not compared to some walking shoes, but they’re still light considering the quality of the material. This is a great choice for people who need more sturdiness from their walking shoes.

And that’s why these shoes are one of the best walking shoes for obese women. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are incredibly durable walking shoe that you’re sure to love to wear for a long time.


  • Amazingly comfortable
  • Quintessential walking shoe
  • Great selection of feet width
  • Very durable


  • Pricey

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Best Walking Shoes for Foot Health: Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes

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These shoes have a podiatrist-designed footbed, which means they’re designed to be kind to your feet, back, and knees. In terms of comfortability, therefore, these shoes might be your new favorites.

In case you need a phenomenal pair of walking shoes or just shoes that you want to take to the gym, these will always promote positive foot health.

They offer more comfort and support around your ankles too. Unsurprisingly, these shoes are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means a lot given the walking shoe market and the selection available.

These shoes are water-resistant, and available with a leather or suede upper. They also have .5 built-in elevation, so walking feels so much more comfortable than before.

The rest of the material is breathable polyester, which does a great job in wicking away moisture. And if you’re worried if these shoes will develop an unpleasant odor after continual use, the answer is absolutely not. They have the EcoFresh top cover with antimicrobial properties, which will deter any unpleasant odor.

If you’re struggling with issues like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or metatarsalgia, walking can be painful. That’s why a pair of Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes can help rid you of pain and increase your overall activity and health.

When it comes to style, the classic design is what you get. There are several color combinations, all in neutral tones, although the white sneaker offers such a timeless feel and sporty elegance.

They also have an action lacing system, so you know you’re getting the secure fit and support that women who are on their feet all day require. As well as those who enjoy light or more dynamic walks.


  • Podiatrist-designed
  • Durable and well-cushioned
  • EcoFresh top cover
  • Excellent for posture


  • Rubber sole tears quickly

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Final Thoughts on Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women

The winner for the best walking shoes for obese women category is the New Balance 990v3 shoe, and here’s why. First, these shoes have an excellent price to quality ratio. They’re an American classic, both in design and quality.

But more importantly, as this article searched for shoes that obese women would feel supported and comfortable in, New Balance shoes deliver. They’re great for wide feet, and offer all the breathability you need.

If you’re struggling with plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain that might be the result of obesity or otherwise, these are the shoes for you. Ultimately, walking is an incredibly healthy habit. All you need is the perfect pair of walking shoes, and you’re on your way.

5 Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women (2024 Review) (10)
5 Best Walking Shoes for Obese Women (2024 Review) (2024)


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