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If you want to purchase an outdoor decoration, chances are you will find a balloon on the clearance rack somewhere in your local dollar store. Does Dollar General fill helium balloons? Let’s discuss just that and give you the answers about filling helium balloons.

Dollar General offers a variety of products and merchandise, including household goods, food, party decorations, and electronics. You may not know that the company sells helium balloons through its store locations. If you were to visit one of the Dollar General locations in your area, you would find a large display with helium balloons for sale. However, do you know if Dollar General fill these helium balloons before or after they sell them? Let's find out if Dollar General does fill helium balloons.

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Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

Dollar General does fill helium balloons. You can bring in the balloons you previously bought at Dollar General Store and have them filled for a nominal fee starting from $0.50. The store typically has a wide selection of balloon sizes and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect balloon for your event or party. You have to buy them at the Dollar Store, which will fill them.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill Helium Balloon at Dollar General?

The cost to fill a helium balloon at Dollar General varies depending on the size of the balloon. For example, a small 11” latex balloon will cost $0.50 to fill; a Mylar balloon will cost you $4 to fill, while a large 36” balloon will cost $10.00 to fill.

Does Dollar General Rent Helium Tanks?

Dollar General does not sell either helium tanks or balloon pumps. However, they do have a section in the store where you can refill and purchase pre-filled balloons.

Does Dollar General Sell A Helium Tank Or Balloon Pump?

Dollar General sells helium tanks. Dollar General sells a Balloon 9" helium tank that comes with a pack of 30 latex balloons. The 30 latex balloons are equivalent to the amount of helium the tank can inflate. They also sell small balloon pumps that only inflate balloons with air but not helium. The cost is $20 for a small tank and $50 for a large tank. They will also fill your balloons for free.

Who Can I Rent A Helium Tank From?

You can rent helium tanks from many retailers, including party supply stores, grocery stores, and even some hardware stores. However, it is essential to note that not all retailers offer the same type or size of the tank. For example, some may only provide small tanks that can fill a few balloons, while others may offer larger tanks that can supply dozens of balloons. Also, the price will vary depending on the store, but renting a helium tank may cost you $70-$350.

When choosing a retailer to rent a tank from, you must consider the size of the tank you need and the number of balloons you plan on filling. Inquiring about rental rates and other fees associated with renting a helium tank is also essential.

What Are the Prices for the Helium Balloons At Dollar General?

There are three different prices for helium balloons at Dollar General:

  • $0.50-$1.00 for a single regular balloon
  • $5 for a Mylar balloon
  • $15 for a jumbo balloon
  • $5-$7 for a multicolor LED balloon with a stand kit

The prices are the same regardless of whether you purchase the balloons pre-filled with helium or fill them yourself at the store.

What Are the Options for Buying a Collection of Balloons for Non-Festive Events?

If you're looking to buy a collection of balloons for non-festive events, there are a few options available. You can purchase balloons pre-filled with helium or buy a balloon kit that includes a helium tank and fill the balloons yourself. Using a hand pump, you can buy plain latex balloons and fill them with air.

You can purchase custom-made foil balloons if you're looking for something more unique. These are often more expensive than latex or pre-filled helium balloons, but they can add a touch of elegance to any event.

Does The Dollar Store Fill Up Amazon Helium Tanks?

The Dollar General store does not sell Amazon helium tanks. However, they sell various other items that can be used to fill helium balloons, such as mylar balloons and helium canisters. Keep in mind that The Dollar Store may have helium balloons, but they will not be able to fill up helium balloons bought from amazon.

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

If you want to get your helium balloons filled, you'll need to purchase them from Dollar General. They do not fill helium balloons bought elsewhere.

Dollar General only does it for those bought in-store when filling helium balloons. It is because they want to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. It's also a way to track how many balloons are being filled. They use a special helium tank to fill the balloons, and they will do it for a small fee.

There are a few things to remember when using the dollar store to fill helium balloons. First, be sure to check the store's policy on balloon filling. Some stores may require you to purchase a certain amount of merchandise to use their balloon-filling services.

Also, look at the types of balloons available at the store. The selection may be limited, so it's essential to find out if the store carries the specific kind of balloon you need. Finally, confirm that the store has enough helium to fill your balloons; otherwise, you'll have to wait for a refill.


Dollar General does fill helium balloons. They have a wide variety of colors and sizes, and the prices are very reasonable. However, you'll need to purchase your balloon from Dollar General — they don't fill outside balloons. They only have a limited supply of helium, so it's best to call ahead to see if they have any in stock. You’ll likely have to pay a fee for the filling service.

You can purchase a tank of helium from them for around $20. it will be more than enough to fill quite a few balloons. You could also try asking a local party store if they serve your balloons for you. So if you need a balloon for a party or event, swing by your local Dollar General store.

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Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons? (All You Need to Know) - Cherry Picks (2024)


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