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4. After 20 years, Hur Herald ending this month | News |

  • May 28, 2016 · Dianne Weaver (left) and her husband Bob (right) will stop running the Hur Herald at the end of May. The news website mostly covers Calhoun ...

  • HUR — Bob Weaver can’t hear the chorus of cicadas singing just outside his door.

5. Calhoun County Park's post - Facebook

6. Hur Herald faces hard times | News |

  • Oct 5, 2012 · Bob Weaver runs the Hur Herald online newspaper out of his Calhoun County home with his wife, Dianne. The couple has managed to keep the ...

  • Click here to view this article from

7. With latest expenditures, special counsel Jack Smith has spent ...

  • 13 hours ago · Hur's office itself reported $2.8 million in expenses, while DOJ ... Miami Herald. Mom crashes with her 3 kids in car as boyfriend tries to ...

  • Between April and September of last year, special counsel Jack Smith spent $7.3 million on his probes into former President Donald Trump, raising his total expenses to nearly $12.7 million, according to reports released Friday detailing the expenditures of Smith and other special prosecutors. Smith's $7.3 million in expenditures between April and September were driven largely by compensation for staff as well as contractual services like litigation support, IT services and transcripts costs. Other Justice Department expenses related to the probes, including the hours worked by investigative support analysts and the costs of protective details for Smith, came to an additional $7.2 million during that period, meaning the DOJ overall spent over $14.5 million between April and September of last year as part of the investigations into efforts by Trump to overturn the 2020 election and unlawfully retain classified documents.

8. Special counsel Smith has spent more than $12 million on Trump cases ...

  • 12 hours ago · In Hur's office, nearly $800,000 was paid for rent and other ... Herald. Twitter. More From The Post. Dan Crenshaw has some harsh words for Fox ...

  • New spending figures released for four Justice Department special counsels.

9. 2024 Tribuneherald July (Hawaii/United -

  • 10 hours ago · ... Herald (@hawaiitribuneherald)Here's why it shouldn't matter. Nov. 15 ... George Ben Hur Kapuras Sr., 79, of Hilo died July 21 at Hilo Medical ...

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