San Jac Email Log In (2024)

1. San Jacinto College Email

  • Faculty will rely on your College email account for official communications related to your courses (i.e. assignment reminders, class announcements, and other ...

2. Student email access - San Jac ITS

  • Your default EMAIL PASSWORD is your Single Sign on password.

  • ITS Services. Support. Innovation.

3. SOS Login - San Jacinto College

  • Enter your student email address as your username, click on Go. Enter your password, click on Go. On your account homepage, click the down arrow to the right of ...

  • San Jacinto College’s Secure Online System (SOS) is an easy-to-use platform that students use to manage their coursework, assignments, and more. Access yours today!

4. My San Jac

  • The My San Jac student portal is designed for everything you need to succeed on campus or virtually. Find campus information, Blackboard, your San Jac email ...

  • Your My San Jac portal is a one-stop shop for everything you need to succeed at San Jac. Use your web browser or download the mobile app.

5. Employee email access - San Jac ITS

  • Your Username & Password. Your USERNAME is your San Jacinto College issued email address. ... Your EMAIL PASSWORD is your College Network password.

  • ITS Services. Support. Innovation.

6. Computer and Internet Access - San Jacinto College

7. San Jacinto College

  • ... Login · Blackboard Support · College Calendar · College Email · Course Finder · Library · SOS Login. Actions. Chat. Connect Request Info Apply. Pause Video ...

  • Experience the convenience and diversity of education at San Jacinto College, with multiple campuses located in the Greater Houston area.

8. Sign In - San Jacinto College

  • If you are an applicant, please sign in using your San Jacinto College SOS username and password. If you have not applied, Apply Now: ...

  • Blackbaud ID (BBID) with multi-factor authentication (MFA) sign-in will be enforced starting in waves January 09, 2024 through January 23, 2024. The sign-in change impacts all locally authenticated users and any locally authenticated users of organizations with an SSO. After January 23, 2024, users who are not logging in with SSO or BBID will have to set up BBID with MFA or they will not be able to sign in to Blackbaud Award Management or Blackbaud Stewardship Management.

9. [PDF] SJC Student Technology - San Jacinto College

  • Register & Pay for Classes. Blackboard, E-mail, and computer access is not created until 24 hours after a student has registered.

10. Technology Help - San Jacinto College

  • From Blackboard to other helpful online platforms, San Jac is committed to helping you succeed in your academic endeavors with the latest tech tools. Student ...

  • Get quick and reliable technology help for San Jacinto College. Our helpful resources cover Blackboard and other basic softwares students use for online learning.

11. Current Students - San Jacinto College

  • Connecting you with all the important San Jacinto College tools and resources. Access Blackboard, SOS, and San Jac email; Get the latest updates about what's ...

  • Get the information and resources you need to succeed as a current student at San Jac. Find out more about academic help, groups and organizations, and more.

12. Mt. San Jacinto College

  • Mt. San Jacinto College provides an ever-growing number of educational opportunities for the diverse communities we serve.

13. Registration and Courses - San Jacinto College

  • Log into SOS. Username- this is your San Jac Student Email · Follow Registration Prompts. Under the "My Student Records" tab, click My Registration. · Register ...

  • Discover your path to success at San Jacinto College. Explore our diverse programs and register for courses that fit your academic goals. Start your journey today!

14. Student Email to Smartphone | Mt. San Jacinto College

  • First you will need to login to your student email from a computer. You can do so now by visiting Once you are logged in, select the gear icon ...

  • Directions on how to connect your mobile device to your student email account.

15. Interactive Learning Centers - San Jacinto College

  • It's simple to access from our ILC computers. Logging In. Your user name is your college issued email address. Your password is the same password ...

  • Our Interactive Learning Centers have everything you need. Access the internet, print papers, meet with classmates, or take a break.

16. Recently Admitted Students - San Jacinto College

  • Access Blackboard, SOS, San Jac email, and keep updated on campus events and news. ... Your ID will have your G# on it, which is used to log into different ...

  • Starting college can be intimidating, but at San Jac, we have your back. We’ll help you with everything from scheduling to navigating campus. Find out more!

17. San Jacinto Unified School District - Clever

  • San Jacinto Unified School District. Not your district? Log in with Google. Log in with Clever Badges. Having trouble? Contact Or get help ...


18. Technology Support - San Jacinto College

  • ... Login · Blackboard Support · College Calendar · College Email · Course Finder · Library · SOS Login. Actions. Chat. Connect Request Info Apply. Technology ...

  • San Jacinto College provides comprehensive tech support to students and employees, including software and hardware assistance, access to a help desk, and more.

19. San Jac GPS - San Jacinto College

  • Log In to Your SOS Account. Your user name is your student ID “G” number ... Email: Central Campus: Administrative Building, C-27.1500. North ...

  • Accessible 24/7! San Jac GPS maps your academic progress and helps you plan for graduation. See course requirements, transfer credits, and more.

20. City of San Jacinto, CA: Home

  • San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92583. Phone (951) 487-7330. City of San Jacinto, CA | All Rights Reserved | Powered by CivicLive | © 2024 Civiclive. City of ...

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San Jac Email Log In (2024)


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